HMS Press Publishing CanLit since 1983




HMS Press began in 1983 as a paperback publisher. In the late 1990's before the time was right, we published E-books available on the old 3 inch A Drive floppies under ADP & BOD [Atlantic Disk Publishers & Books On Disk].  This was before the current E-books and E-readers. The website and e-mail have changed and current books are  available at the links on the left. E-books in PDF format are on the Lit Links page. 

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HMS Press has published 5 spinebound books and ten E-books in the past two years. Current Authors include Katherine L. Gordon (below) and in the next year: Paul Brush, Jim Christy, Bernice Lever and others. In 2023 after 40 years HMS Press will close down. What to do with the remaining 800 ISBN Numbers?

Heliopause: the edge of the sun by Katherine L. Gordon