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PARTICIPOET !! History of HMS & CPA Publishing 1983-2019 Hoarfrost Poems 1994 - 2018 by Wayne Ray Becoming A Writer by Dorothea Brande An essay in the CPA BookClub BookLits Series East Of Adelaide: London Poems edited by Anna Fleet East Of Adelaide: London Stories edited by Anna Fleet Cherish Our Heritage: TOPS anthology edited by Katherine Gordon Tear The Rust Off My Heart London Anthology edited by Anna Fleet Poetics 1985 - 1994 by Wayne Ray Prose Creative Writing by Wayne Ray An essay in the CPA BookClub BookLits Series Poetics 1969 - 1984 by Wayne Ray Shashin Kaku Haiku by Wayne Ray An essay in the CPA BookClub BookLits Series Remembering Olga Rechnitzer by her sister Alexandra Rechnitzer in London Ontario US Military Bases in Newfoundland by Wayne Ray Going Down Goose Lane Toward Broken Jaw Harmonia Press 2005 by Wayne Ray If You Like:flash fiction by Wayne Ray Police Detectives in Canada by Cathy Inculet History of Clay County Alabama by Wayne Ray Baptist Churches in Alabama by Wayne Ray Dirka Dirka: acrostic poems by Ray Scott Under The Jasmine Moon Poetry by Geri Rosensweig Creative Plagiarism found poetry. An essay in the CPA BookClub BookLits Series Jaiku 2 Haiku by Ray Scott She Cast No Shadow by Cathy Inculet Harmonia Press At Sao Paulo I Sat Down and Wept by Ray Scott Day Lilies: the Pillow Book of Katherion Empress of Wrenchly Subtrafuge by Leanne Ray & Lisa Nicolle Rise Up Singing Anthology edited by Cynthia Bachelor The Future of Poetry by James Deahl and Terry Barker An essay in the CPA BookClub BookLits Series Tsalagi: Trail of Tears by Wayne Ray Starbucks Erotica by Ray Scott Playing With the Cards of Time by David Coveney SciFi from HMS Press

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