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        Poetics I - Wayne Ray
Poetics II 1984-1994 - Wayne Ray
Hoarfrost 1994-2013 - Wayne Ray
Collected Haiku Wayne Ray
Mysterian Poem - Allen Angel
Love, Lust & Ecstacy - Sam Crane
Marie Poems - Terry James
Metal Tree - D.J. Berthiaume
Sunday Morning - Fraser Wheaton
North Light - Jack Brooks
My 20th Century - Paul Garrison
Satiric Verses - Andre S. Newton
Gathering Fuel in Vacant Lots - Jennifer Footman
Years - Anne Scott Musil
The Pool - Anne Scott Musil
Reaching - Anne Scott Musil
Retreat - Anne Scott Musil
Fancy The Muse - Richard Heidemann
Flying Red Horse - Michael Irving
Under The Jasmine Moon - Geri Rozensweig


	   Silence Collected Haiku - Bruce Ross
I Should be in Chains - Kathy Fisher
Secret Heart - l.t. dougherty
Island Women - Chris Faiers
Star Struck Night - Gerry Stewart
Summer Drizzles - Bruce Ross
Slender Threads - Monika Lee
In Six Dimensions - TOPS
Mirrors of Serenity - Audrey Sloan
Searching Promised Lands - Caroline Pyevich
Arma Virumque Cano - Wayne Ray
Suburban Eyes - Wayne Ray
She Cast No Shadow - Cathy Inculet
Dirka Dirka - Ray Scott
In Sao Paulo I Sat Down & Wept - Scott
Cherish Our Heritage - TOPS
Rise Up Singing - Cynthia Bachelor